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Posts: 208
Before Thanksgiving I did a backpacking trip to Rockhouse Valley with everyone's favorite guide.

Day 0:
Met up around sunset at the Butler/Rockhouse junction. Got my truck to the end of the Rockhouse road in the dark EEK! Only truck damage was to parts meant to be damaged. We hiked up Rockhouse Canyon in the dark to a point past Hidden Spring.

Day 1:
Woke up and explored a potential solstice site and looked at a mostly complete but broken pot:

Spent the rest of the day making it up to a spring and spent the night near an old stone foundation.

Spring in good condition still, plenty of clear flowing water:

Someone was here before us:

Day 2:
Hiked to the upper Rockhouses and explored a nearby spring, dopefarm, rock art and settlements.

Surprised to see this guy still out and about and active. Hope he made it through the cold night that followed.

Third night was spent near the upper rockhouses. It got cold, mid 20s overnight with frost completely covering my sleeping back from head to toe.


Day 3:

Climbed to the Buck Ridge high point. Spent the last night of the trip near the highpoint. Saw three bighorn ambling along the ridge near camp.

View of Jackass Flat and Borrego Springs from Buck Ridge:

Day 4:
Descended Buck Ridge to Jackass Flat, dropped down to Hidden Spring and exited.

Other random pictures:


Saw far more cat prints than human prints on the trip.

Some dstretch enhanced rock art:

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